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Our broad and diverse background based on years of experience in project and construction management enable us to ensure successful progress and project delivery for our clients. The earlier we are brought into the process the more effectively we can manage the deliverables and risks associated with the project. We invite you to contact us to discuss where and when we can provide the greatest benefit to your construction project.

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Preplanning Phase - An often overlooked phase of construction when the foundation for any construction project takes form. This phase pulls together preliminary information like scope, budget and objectives that feed into the planning and design phases of a project.

Planning - During this stage an architect or designer may need to be chosen and preliminary designs developed based on the objectives identified in the preplanning phase. This phase requires heavy participation from the client to ensure that objectives and aesthetics are properly addressed.

Design Phase - The plans that the architect or designer create need to describe each construction location with appropriate provision for plumbing, HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning), mechanical and landscaping requirements. This phase is where the final budget is prepared and subcontractor requirements are detailed.

Construction Documents Phase - Here is where the final design documents are prepared and subjected to approval processes with the client and any regulatory or licensing groups that may need to participate. Physical layouts and finishes are selected at this point. Subcontractors and subcontractor contracts are developed as required. Project and subproject and cost estimates and timetables are further refined and reviewed.

Critical Path Scheduling - This phase is where each step of the project is now broken into discrete tasks with estimated start and completion times and durations. WHat is essential to determine now is what steps need to be completed prior to each successive step in the project and how long will each take to complete.

Onsite Project Coordination - Frequent, on-site reviews of deliverables and work in process are key to keeping the project on track both from a schedule and cost perspective.